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Soil excavation and transportation

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The costs of excavation and disposal of soil

Curious about the costs for, let’s say, digging out your garden? The costs of course depend strongly on the size of the surface that you want to have excavated. Because the larger the surface (the square meters), the more the job will cost. Usually, the square meter price for having a plot, foundation, trench, ditch, pond, swimming pool and / or garden excavated is between ten and fifteen euros per square meter. Next to that, the duration of the job has a major influence on the total price.

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The costs of excavating soil

The table below provides an overview of the costs that are usually charged in the country. This can vary per region. Want to know what the costs are for you? Request a free, tailor-made, quotation.

Activity Price and unit
Rent container € 175,- to € 600,- per container
Disposal of soil around € 700,- per 20 cubic meters
Excavating and disposal of soil € 12,50 to € 17,50 per cubic meter
Surcharge for removal of contaminated soil € 10,- tot € 30,- per cubic meter
Costs of hiring gardener € 30,- tot € 60,- per hour
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What determines the cost of excavating soil

Exactly how much excavating soil costs has to do with three factors. We base our quotations on the following circumstances:

  • Dimensions of the soil
  • Transporting distance
  • Type of soil to be transported

Generally the hourly rates of contractors weigh the heaviest on the costs. Therefore, make it as easy as possible for contractors when digging and removing soil. This saves time and (unnecessary) additional expenses.

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Dimensions of the soil

When excavating soil, you pay for the hourly rate of the contractor and the removal of the soil. The duration of the job therefore has a major influence on the cost. And the more ground (square meters) that has to be excavated, the higher the price. In addition, the depth is of course also important. For a walkway you need to dig less soil than, for example, for a driveway. This is also reflected in the total price.

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Transportation distance of the soil

In addition to the option to reuse the excavated soil in your garden, you can choose to have the soil drained. You will then need a container. You can place these on your own property, but also on public roads. In the latter case you have to apply for a permit. Next to a container, you can also opt for a big bag. A big bag can be filled with sand and soil. A crane places and retrieves the big bag. And just like with a container, you pay transport costs for this.

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The type of soil to be disposed

The more firm the soil, the more effort and time it takes to dispose of the soil. For example, there is a big difference between clay and sand. The soil also has to be tested for possible contamination. If the test comes out positive, the earthmoving company, which removes the soil, will charge extra costs.

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